Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mr. McGuirk's Class Blog

This blog serves as my educational portfolio. It details my experiences through my first three years of teaching. I have also begun a second blog, one that covers my day-to-day classes. This class blog is a repository of materials. Students who are absent can see what they missed in class, and download the appropriate materials. Parents can see what homework their children should be doing. I am all in favor of anything that opens up communication between home and school and gives students a better chance to do their very best. I think that's the purpose of this second blog, which should remain updated on a daily basis.

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Written: 1/5/08

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Mike Parent said...


Nice work. I like both blogs. I have added you to my google reader. You also show on my "Who I'm Reading" blogroll.

I suggest you atrt exploring teacher blogs by going to:

You should also begin looking at Will Richardson is a blogging in education pioneer. He teaches our cohort and is a well respected web2.0 speaker, writer, blogger, and a great teacher.

You can also read some pretty great stuff from my bloggroll. I've scoured the web for great ed blogs. There are many, but the best one's I've found are on my blogroll. You might want to also check out the "Good Reads"/ I can show you how to set these up if you are interested. They are all provided through google reader.

I am very excited and happy to have you aboard.