Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Gap

As I compiled the previously written reflective entries for this blog, I noticed that there was quite a large gap, date-wise, between entries. There is an entry from September 17, 2005. Then, there are no more entries until September 9, 2006. After that, a gap exists until the summer of 2007, when the reflective writing begins in earnest.

I feel the need to try to explain this gap. During my first year of teaching, I wrote about my first week and that was it. I had planned to write more, but I think I was just too tired to actually follow through. "Create portfolio writings" remained on my to-do list for the entire school year, but no more writings appeared. I quite simply could not muster the energy to do them. That first year became very much about survival.

I did not write in the summer of 2006, either. Instead, I spent that summer scanning in documents that I thought might be useful for this portfolio. Some of them made the cut, others did not, but I needed to have scans to see what materials I actually had with which to work.

During my second year of teaching, I once again commented upon the first week. Then, no more entries until the year ended. I could have done more during the second year, but I feel that waiting ended up being the correct option for me. By waiting for the school year to end, I could process it in its entirety. I could examine its successes, its failures and be able to step away from the effects that the school year had on me. I feel that this choice was successful, since it led to a flurry of reflective entries. The ability to recharge enabled me to commit myself to this task with a renewed sense of purpose.

Written: 12/27/07

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